Published 11 Jun 2021

Unsold Showroom Traffic: Bring Buyers Back into the Dealership


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Buyers that have visited your dealership recently, but did not buy, are classified as unsold showroom traffic. Even though the buyers left, these are still hot deals. Contacting these buyers the right way creates some of the best possible opportunities to sell a car. So, aim to bring all buyers back after an unsuccessful showroom floor visit. These buyers already came in once with the hope of purchasing a vehicle. So, success in bringing these buyers back in almost guarantees a closed car deal!

The follow-up is where you have the chance to bring buyers back to the showroom floor for an additional opportunity to make the sale. Unless you have a time machine to take you back to fix your blown car deal, you need good quality follow-up. Utilizing the right techniques in unison with tried-and-true call guides will have you selling more cars every month! So, instead of wishing for a time machine, master the skills needed to bring the buyer back for another chance at the sale!

In this blog, learn how to effectively follow-up with unsold showroom traffic so you can get buyers back in and close those deals.

unsold showroom traffic

Be Prepared to Follow Up with Unsold Showroom Traffic

You can fail a lot in the car business and still be considered successful. No matter how good anyone gets at face-to-face sales, a majority of customers are still going to leave. However, if you cannot reach the unsold showroom traffic buyer, you cannot get them back in.

That’s why it’s important to set up for good, quality follow-up during the sales process. For example, exchanging business cards in the greeting. Each step of the sales process presents ample opportunity to get good, quality personal information from the buyer. Ideally, you will have multiple phone numbers and email addresses before the buyer leaves. If you close the deal that day, fantastic! Yet, you want to always get this information to set you up for the best possible follow-up if they do not buy. Be prepared for unsold showroom traffic follow up!

Have a Call Guide Ready

Having an unsold showroom traffic call guide right in front of you will make you a much more effective salesperson. Once you practice using call guides, you will discover that you have more confidence in dealing with any customer. The steps listed on a call guide will always point you in the right direction. Whether you are a new hire or an old pro, call guides keep deals on track to the appointment. However, these are just guides, so if you have confidence in your ability, follow the steps but feel free to switch up some of the words.

Unsold Showroom Traffic Call Guide

Follow along as we break down the Webinarinc Unsold Showroom Traffic Call Guide.

unsold showroom traffic

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Greeting and Introduction

At this stage in the call, just keep things simple and positive. Re-introduce yourself, thank the buyer for visiting your dealership, and show appreciation. The word track on the call guide has been a proven success over time, but pick one that best suits your style. Try out a few different opening lines and see which one works best for you.

Then, pause. The most common issue salespeople have with unsold traffic is jumping right back into yesterday’s problem. Even if you know the reason why a customer didn’t make a purchase, you don’t know if that holds true today. During the pause, you let any issues or objections come from the buyer. If the objection still rings true, they will tell you. However, if the situation has changed, and you start the call with the previous problem, you’ll only make it easy for the buyer to get you off of the phone.


In this step, the aim is to gain valuable information that can be used to set an appointment. All of these questions are designed to give you ammunition to get the customer back to the dealership. Start the deal fresh, do not assume anything, and let the buyer talk to be well-prepared for the close.

  • #1 – Start by asking the buyer if they have any unanswered questions and then give them a chance to talk. This creates the opportunity to gain valuable information that will help you set the appointment.
  • #2 – You can also ask the customer how they liked the vehicle. The customer may point out the positive or negative aspects of the vehicle. This can help you recommend other similar vehicles or find out what is holding them back from buying.
  • #3 – Finally, you can ask what the customer is comparing the vehicle to. You might find that the customer test drove a different type of vehicle elsewhere after coming to your dealership. Or, maybe the customer looked at a new car at your dealership but looked at used vehicles at other places. This will help you expand your inventory.


The point of the close is to invite the customer in for an appointment. However, if at any point during the conversation the buyer mentions that they would like to come back to the dealership, just book the appointment right then and there.

This call guide has three popular options to choose from. Each option is designed to give you extremely valuable information that you can use to set the appointment. In fact, you don’t even need to overcome that one objection over the phone. Just let the buyer know that you can help with that issue and invite them back in.

If you try the “One Thing” or “Main Thing” close and the buyer does not give a useful answer, then you can try to narrow it down by asking whether it has to do with the vehicle or the money. Then, once the buyer has specified, you should use follow-up questions to ascertain exactly what the issue is so you can use that information to close the appointment. Remember, the goal is to bring the buyer into the dealership with honesty and integrity. So, have alternative vehicles, solutions, and a happy attitude ready before even picking up the phone!

Diversify Your Follow Up

If you’re calling, but getting no response and that’s all, you might have trouble getting buyers back in. Nowadays, you never know how information will reach the buyer. So, make sure to diversify your follow-up with emails, SMS, and even social media. By sending out great follow-up through a variety of channels, you’ll have more opportunities for something to stick. Videos are also a fantastic way to follow up with buyers and stand out:

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