Published 09 Sep 2022

The Secret to Hold Gross in a Car Deal


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The Secret to Hold Gross in a Car Deal

How to Hold Gross in a Car Deal

It’s no secret that the more gross you can hold in a deal, the better. By learning the right techniques and skills, it’s even possible to be outsold by other sales professionals, yet out-earn them! Holding gross is no doubt a crucial aspect of succeeding in the automotive sales industry, but can be difficult to achieve in every deal. Luckily, the best way to hold gross in not only the vehicle you sell, but any vehicle your dealership acquires can be done at the same stage – fact finding! By gathering information at the customer’s current vehicle, you will learn by far the best info that you can use to hold gross in deals. In this blog, discover how to effectively hold more gross in any car deal!

Hold Gross When Hit with Pricing Objections

An objection to the price is something that will come up in a lot of car deals. So, it pays to prepare to handle these objections early on in the deal. Walking the customer’s current vehicle during fact finding is the perfect time to set yourself up for success. It’s absolutely possible to do fact finding without being at the buyer’s car, but you will discover far more valuable information this way. At their vehicle, customers will not only think of more details to tell you, but you will be able to look at the vehicle and point out specific things that will help you gather golden nuggets.

By finding out the customer’s likes and dislikes, wants and needs, motivators and more, you will become able to handle pricing objections without touching the money. First and foremost, you will be far better at landing the buyer on the perfect vehicle, which in turn will cause less customers to object on average. Yet, by knowing exactly what features and equipment are important to the buyer, you will gain the ability to first negotiate on vehicles before every negotiating on price. This will allow you to overcome a majority of pricing objections and hold more gross in car deals. Watch the video below to see some example word tracks of this technique put into action:

More Than Just a Tool for Negotiation

Performing fact finding at the customer’s current vehicle doesn’t only help your ability to negotiate and hold higher gross. It also allows you to strengthen your deal by building rapport. Unlike risky topics like politics and religion, a vehicle is a safe and incredible way to build rapport with buyers. Many buyers likely have had their car for years and have many fond memories with it. So, use this opportunity to pay them a compliment about their vehicle and let them know that they’re at the right place if they’re looking to trade in their vehicle. When the buyer feels good, the entirety of the deal will go smoother.

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