Published 09 Jul 2021

How to Sell More Cars with Facebook


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Social media platforms are becoming a must-use tool for success in the modern automotive sales market. Facebook is the most widely used platform in the world, offering up an abundance of opportunity for those who aim to grab it. Long gone are the days where buyers walk into dealerships with little to no preparation. The online space is where consumers prefer to research and learn about vehicles they are interested in. As such, Facebook is full of potential prospects and car deals waiting to be engaged.

However, Facebook is no longer just a place to post about a for-sale vehicle. This amazing platform offers the ability to get in communication with buyers, stay up-to-date with your local marketplace, and much more. In this blog, learn how to properly utilize Facebook to sell more cars and become a better automotive professional!

Be Conscientious of Your Online Presence

Things posted on the internet are likely there for good. In turn, what you post on Facebook could affect whether or not you sell a car to a buyer. Regardless of your political beliefs, democrats and republicans alike need to buy vehicles, and if you want to be the one to sell to them, it’s best to stay out of politics online. The same goes for any touchy subject – politics, religion, and any other sensitive topics.

If you want to sell to everybody, avoid subjects that could alienate and turn off buyers. Having strong, opinionated posts on your social media accounts can be risky for buyers who check your page. It’s best to stay positive and avoid these types of posts if you want to have better success selling to people. If you use your personal page to help you sell, consider it a business, and move forward with that mindset.

Facebook Marketplace for Sales

Facebook Marketplace is the new and improved Craigslist for improving sales at car dealerships. This is a fantastic place to list for-sale vehicles right in your local marketplace. However, remember that dealerships cannot advertise new vehicles on Facebook Marketplace. Only certified pre-owned inventory is allowed here. Yet, by listing here, you can engage buyers, give them information, and get in touch to set up an appointment for them to come down to the dealership.

Alternatively, you may be able to set up some deals by searching for local cars. It's becoming harder and harder to find used vehicles and your dealership is likely always on the lookout for quality used cars to add to their lot. Facebook Marketplace is a great, and often untapped, resource that most dealerships haven't touched yet. Each morning, search for cars that are for sale in your local marketplace, and maybe even reach out to some of these prospects to get their vehicle professional appraised. If someone is listing a car for sale, then they probably are also on the look for a new vehicle. This could turn into a potential sale after they trade-in their vehicle.

Know Your Marketplace with Facebook

Facebook is great way to stay current on your local marketplace. Through Facebook Marketplace, learn what is for sale in your local market and what these vehicles are being priced at. So, even if you do not make a purchase, you still gain valuable knowledge!

Stand Out on Facebook

People will tune out repetitive posts or boring posts on Facebook. So, be sure to stand out on social media! A great way to break through to buyers is with things like video. This is one of the most underutilized things in the car business, yet is extremely effective at engaging buyers.

You can also aim to stand out with things like contests. For example, you can play a “guess the mileage” game with your followers, where individuals look at a picture of a car and guess the mileage. Reward the best guess with a free lunch or a gift card. Another great way to engage could be by offering money for referrals that set an appointment or buy a vehicle.

It’s important to remember that Facebook works like a web. When your followers engage with a post, their friends can then see the post, which expands the reach. So, it’s important to aim to get likes, comments, and shares whenever you can. To further reach even more, you can also look out for local Facebook dealership and car sale groups that you can post in. Aim to have posts that grab attention, inspire action, and help you put more car deals together!


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