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RevDojo’s tailored Remote Business Development Center (BDC) solutions cater to the unique needs of your dealership, empowering remote BDC agents, managers, and staff with the tools and training necessary for unparalleled growth and efficiency.

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Drive Sales and Optimize Customer Service

Our Remote BDC service covers crucial services that drive success for dealerships. Redefine efficiency and empower your dealership with a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions:

Email First Response

Swift and personalized responses to leads, ensuring a compelling initial engagement.

CRM Monitoring

Oversight of lead management processes using CRM tools, ensuring no opportunity goes unnoticed.

Equity Mining

Comprehensive reports summarizing daily activities and lead progress, to help you make informed decisions.

Email Follow-ups

Tailored follow-up strategies nurturing leads over time and maintaining lasting connections.

End-of-Day Reporting

Immediate notifications for missed leads, ensuring no potential opportunity slips away.

Service-to-Sales emails

Leveraging data analytics to identify potential sales opportunities within your existing customer base.


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