Published 16 Sep 2022

Overcome Car Sales Objections in the Greeting


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Overcome Car Sales Objections in the Greeting

Why are Objections so Common in the Meet and Greet?

If you’re a long time pro, or even a fresh sales professional, you’ve likely noticed just how often customers object in the greeting. Meet and greet objections are extremely common in the automotive sales industry, and there’s a good reason why. From the time they were young, today’s buyers have been taught to be weary of dealerships. In turn, customers get nervous to work with dealerships, and this discomfort causes many to instinctively object.

So, defensive customers who toss out objections in the greeting are likely not as serious as they might seem. They have been raised that in order to get the best deal, or to not get taken advantage of, they need to object. Therefore, their objections are typically not real. Yet, even in cases that a customer has objections in the greeting that are true, this isn’t the stage to handle them. Delving deep into objections in the greeting will only cause problems. As such, sales professionals need to know how to overcome this and move forward with their sales process. In this blog, discover how to overcome objections in the greeting and learn word tracks that help you move past the most common of these objections!

Overcoming Objections in the Greeting in 3 Steps

The most effective way to overcome objections in the greeting can be done in three simple steps. Since the beginning of the deal is not the time to delve deep into objections, there’s no need to make a big deal out of things. Remember, if the objection is no big deal to you, then it’s no big deal to the customer. At the meet and greet, the deal should be pressure-free and stay moving towards the next step. Find the three steps to overcoming objections in the greeting in the graphic below.

The first step of this process is to agree with the customer. Agreement makes deals easy to work, shows customers that you’re listening, and keeps them from getting defensive. After that, explain why you agree with the customer. This makes your agreement much more powerful and shows that you understand the buyer. Last but not least, go for the close. The close in this situation is moving the customer to the next step in your sale process. Below, find this method put into use for the most common sales objections that come up in the greeting.

Objections in the Greeting – “I need to get the best price.”

Customer: “I need to get the best price.”

Sales Professional: “I understand that you need to get the best price because I’d want the same. I guarantee that if you want the best price, you’re going to get it here. Let’s go look at some vehicles. / Do you have a vehicle you’re thinking of trading in?”

Objections in the Greeting – “I need the best money for my trade.”

Customer: “I need the best money for my trade.”

Sales Professional: “Okay, so you’re looking to get the best money for your trade. I’d want the best money for my vehicle too. The good news is that we offer some of the best money for trade ins in the market. Can I take a look at the vehicle you’re thinking about trading in?”

Objections in the Greeting – “Better price at XYZ Dealer.”

Customer:“I can get a better price at XYZ Dealership.”

Sales Professional: “Thanks for sharing that with me. If I was in the market for a vehicle, I’d want to get the best price too. I wouldn’t expect you to purchase anything if you weren’t getting the best price. Let’s go take a look at some vehicles.”

Objections in the Greeting – “I only have 15 minutes.”

Customer:“I only have 15 minutes.”

Sales Professional: “No problem. I understand that you’re low on time today. I’d want to be able to get all of the information in a timely manner as well. Follow me.”

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