Published 23 Apr 2022

Handle “I Need to Talk to My Spouse” in Automotive Sales


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I need to talk to my wife

Handle “I Need to Talk to My Spouse” in Automotive Sales

I need to talk to my spouse

I need to talk to my spouse objection

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“I Need to Talk to My Spouse”

“I need to talk to my spouse” is no doubt one of the most common objections you’ll hear in automotive sales. Yet, regardless of how many times this objection comes up, it still stumps a lot of sales professionals. It can seem like a tricky objection to overcome, especially when for most, it can seem like something that cannot, or should not, be refuted. Nevertheless, this objection more often than not doesn’t need to stop deals from getting closed today. So, in this blog, learn how to handle “I need to talk to my spouse” expertly, so you can move past this objection and make the sale!

Why Do You Hear “I Need to Talk to My Spouse”?

To better handle this objection, it’s important to first understand why this objection is so common. There are two major reasons why:

“I Need to Talk to My Spouse” – Reason #1

The first reason why this objection is so common is one of the main reasons that this shouldn’t hold up deals – it’s not real. Customers know that this objection works well against sales professionals, and will use it regardless of their relationship status. Even in situations where buyers are ready to buy a car today, they are afraid of working with an aggressive salesperson who will pressure them to make a decision. Of course, this fear is based in the consumer’s imagination as, in today’s market, prices and information are more transparent than ever. Nonetheless, many consumers have a natural aversion to working with automotive sales professionals.

Therefore, the easiest way to move past this objection, especially in the greeting, is just to take away the pressure. For example, in the meet and greet, you can say:

No problem! I understand that you want to talk to your spouse before making a decision. We can just make today a looking day. Follow me.”

Then, once they land on a vehicle they love, it’s likely that this objection will disappear and you can proceed with your sales process normally. However, if you hear this objection in the close, then rather than being afraid of pressure, the customer likely has something that's holding them back – whether the pricing, monthly payments, down payments, or even just being on the wrong vehicle. So, to handle this in the close, aim to narrow down what it is that’s holding them back and resolve the real objection.

“I Need to Talk to My Spouse” – Reason #2

The second reason for this objection is that the customer actually wants to discuss things with their spouse before making a purchase. It’s likely that their spouse may use the car often, or at least on occasion, and it’s a huge purchase that affects both partners. So, it’s only natural that this objection can be true. In this situation, it’s important to explain the reasons why the customer should do the deal today.

Create Urgency

Whether the objection is serious or not, creating urgency is always a great way to close the deal today. The customer has found a vehicle they love, yet they have some hesitancy towards buying the vehicle now. A great way to create urgency is by building the value of the vehicle and then explaining why time is limited. For example:

  • Show them that you understand what they’re saying.
  • Go over all of the features and equipment that they loved.
  • Explain that it is a fantastic price and a great deal.
  • Warn them that the vehicle may not be available the next time they come back.
  • Go for the close.

By building value in the vehicle, but also showing that they might miss their chance to get it, this objection may just fade away. Especially now, with the chip shortage, customers know that vehicles don’t stay on lots long. This creates a logical reason why they should do the deal today and is often enough to move past this objection.

Set Appointments on the Way Out

However, in scenarios where the deal isn’t going to get closed, it’s time to start thinking ahead. The customer still has found a vehicle they love and is a hot deal. Yet, once the buyer leaves, they can easily end up at another dealership. So, your goal should be to get them back in as soon as possible. And, there’s no better time to set an appointment than while you’re in person with the customer! For example, you can say:

“I understand that you want to discuss things with your spouse. These vehicles are really flying off the lot right now though. Would you both be able to come in tomorrow at 3 PM?”


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