Published 13 Aug 2022

Handle “I Need to Check with…” in Automotive Sales


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“I Need to Check with…”

It’s by no means uncommon to get to the close with a hot deal, and then get hit with the objection “I need to check with…” When another party is involved in the purchase, such as a spouse or family member, it can throw off what would’ve been a closed deal today. However, there’s no reason why the deal cannot be closed now! The customer loves the car and the other party likely would too. So, when you get hit with this objection, you should still be laser-focused on selling that car today. In this blog, discover multiple ways to close the deal when you get hit with “I need to check with…”

    Going for the Close After “I Need to Check with…”

    When a customer tosses out “I need to check with…”, there’s no reason why this should stop you from still going for the close. Many times, this objection isn’t even true anyways. Buyers know that saying “I need to check with my spouse” is a good way to leave the dealership without receiving pressure from the sales professional to make the purchase. So, they use it. Of course, consulting with a third party involved in the deal is a very real situation and can be a true objection as well. Yet, either way, it’s possible to close the deal today!

    To start, aim to add urgency to the deal and remind the customer of all the great features and equipment they loved on the vehicle. As long as the buyer is on the perfect vehicle, then they will not want to let this chance pass them up. They know that any vehicle isn’t likely to stay on the lot very long, so reminding them of that fact can help encourage them to make a move. Adding urgency can oftentimes be enough to push the deal to the close.

    However, if that isn’t the case, try to delve into the objection a little bit more. Remember, there are many cases where the customer’s objection isn’t even their true objection. Inquire as to what they think whoever else needs to check, whether a spouse or family member, might feel about the vehicle. If there’s an issue with the vehicle, then it’s time to find a better option. But, if there’s a problem with the money, now you can delve into that objection and try again for the close after handling it.

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    Creative Ways to Close the Deal

    If this isn’t enough to push the deal to the close, then it’s time to get a little creative with it. To start off, ask why the third party isn’t here now. There could be a variety of reasons but some of the most common are that they’re at home with the kids or at work. In situations like these, offer to bring the vehicle to their home or work now. If they aren’t very far away, there’s nothing stopping you from driving the vehicle to their location. This way, the third party can examine the car and even test drive it. Going the extra mile by doing this will get deals closed today!

    What to Do When “I Need to Check with…” Won’t Budge

    Sometimes, no matter what you try, the customer will not move forward and make a purchase. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you have nothing left to do. Once the customer leaves, it will be far harder to get in contact with them. So, while they’re in front of you, set an appointment for them to come back in with that third party. It’s possible that if the buyer leaves without an appointment, you’ll never see them again. Or, at the very least, you won’t be able to get them back in for a while. This puts your deal at risk by giving the customer more time to shop around. So, make sure to always go for the next appointment before the customer leaves, and ask for a time soon like later that day or tomorrow.

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