Published 19 Oct 2022

Car Sales Closes That Gets Deals Done


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Car Sales Closes That Gets Deals Done

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Car Sales Closes

If every deal was perfect, – the customer walked in, had no objections and bought a car – then the life of an automotive sales professional would be easy. Unfortunately, this situation is rarely the case. Yet, that doesn’t mean that closing deals needs to be difficult either. Luckily, most objections repeat, and this means that car sales professionals can be locked and loaded with closes to handle just about any situation. In this blog, discover a variety of car sales closes that gets deals done!

Car Sales Closes – Agree, Because, Close

A majority of objections that stand in the way of closing deals can be handled with this formula:

Agree + Because + Close = Success

This three-step system far stronger at handling objections than any one liner or word track you could ever use. The first two steps are to agree with customers and then expand with “because” to tell them why you agree. This shows the buyer that you’re listening to and understand them. Agreement simply makes deals easy; when you agree with customers, it becomes impossible for them to dislike you. Then, go for the close. Here’s an example:

Customer: “I like the car, but I’m looking for a better price.”

Sales Professional: “I hear you. I understand that you want the best price because that’s what I’d want if I was looking for a car too. For the way this vehicle is equipped though, I guarantee that this is the best price you’re going to find anywhere. Let’s do this.”

Car Sales Closes – The Ben Franklin Close

The Ben Franklin close is a classic technique that’s highly effective at closing car deals. To execute this close, make a plus and minus list to purchasing a vehicle with the customer. Usually, there will be tons of reasons why buying a new car is great, and the only negative tends to be the money. This close helps put things into perspective for the buyer and uncovers what is truly standing in the way of them purchasing the vehicle. Then, all you need to do is handle that pricing objection and take another go at the close.

Car Sales Closes – The Machine, Money, Me Close

When you go for the close, but the customer repeatedly hesitates from taking action, then it’s time to narrow things down. The machine, money, me close helps you find out exactly what’s preventing things from moving forward. This close is great at uncovering the customer’s true objection, so you can handle it and go for the close more effectively. Here are some example word tracks:

"When people tell me they need to go home and think, it always comes down to 1 of 3 things. Can I share them with you?"

"Number 1: Is this the right car? Do you like the color? The way it feels? Is everything right with the car?"

A "no" here means you need to find a new car.

"Is the money right? When I'm saying money, I mean the price, the payment, the down payment, what we gave for your car, the interest rate. Is all that stuff right?"

Here, you can find exactly what issue the customer has with the money if that’s what’s the holding the back. Then, you can simply handle that objection.

"Okay, it's the right car and the right money."

"Do you feel comfortable buying a car here? Am I the kind of person you feel comfortable buying a car from?"

"Let's just do it then."

Car Sales Closes – Inventory Closes

By the close, you should have a lot of information that will help you close the deal on inventory. That’s why fact finding is such an important stage in the sales process. This step sets you up for success by allowing you to discover needed reconditioning with the buyer’s trade and all of the equipment and features they need to have. This way, when they object to either your dealership’s valuation of their trade or the pricing of the vehicle, you will be ready to handle it with logic.


Trade Value Objection:

Customer: “You aren’t giving me enough for my car.”

Sales Professional: “I hear you. If I was you, I’d want to get the best value for my trade too. Remember when we were walking the vehicle earlier and there were those scratches? And how the tires needed to be replaced? That’s why your vehicle is valued this way. I guarantee that if you’re looking for the best money for your trade, then you’ve found it. Let’s do it.”

Pricing Objection:

Customer: “It’s too expensive.”

Sales Professional: “I understand that you’re saying it’s too expensive. For the way this vehicle is equipped though, it’s a fantastic deal.”

Customer: “Well, I need to save another 2K.”

Sales Professional: “If you want to save another 2K, why don’t we go take a look at (XYZ lesser vehicle) without the sunroof and nav?”

This approach to the pricing objection helps put into perspective exactly what the customer is getting for their money. While they most likely will object to looking at a lesser vehicle, remember that they picked out all of these features and equipment themselves. Not to mention, customers are used to paying more money for better equipment for their phones, laptops and everything else they buy. This applies to buying a vehicle too, and using this logic is a great way to close the deal without touching the price.

Car Sales Closes – Close on the Difference

When struggling to close a deal on a certain payment, you should not close on the payment itself oftentimes. Rather, the deal should be closed around the difference between the new payment and the customer's current payment. For example, if you present an $700 payment, and the buyer's current payment is $600, talk about what the buyer is getting for the $100 a month. For just a slight increase in the monthly payment, the customer can get what they really want. This logic allows most buyers to see exactly what they are getting for their money, so you can move past the objection.

Car Sales Closes – Knock-Out Punch Close

The "what's it going to take..." close is a classic and for a good reason - it works! However, buyers know to expect this and it gives ample room for them to ask for things such as a reduction on a vehicle's price. So, keep this close in your back pocket and be prepared with multiple other closes to utilize first. However, if you have exhausted all other options, this can be a great way to get the deal closed.

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