Published 26 Nov 2021

Must-Know Auto Sales Follow Up Skills | Car Sales Phone Training


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Become a Master of Automotive Sales Follow Up

A sales person’s ability to follow up with automotive buyers will massively impact their sales each month. Whether a customer is from a third-party source or was in your dealership last week, a sales professional needs to know how to get everyone back in with auto sales follow up. The goal when following up in automotive sales is always to set the appointment. However, sales people need to stay honest and keep deals healthy so that when customers show up, the car deal will proceed smoothly.

With the right knowledge and techniques, it’s possible to have skillful sales follow up that can achieve these goals almost every single call. When you’re able to master the skills discussed below, your auto sales follow up will be far stronger, and you will set more appointments as a result. In this blog, learn the must-know auto sales follow up skills needed to set more appointments and sell more cars!

Start Auto Sales Follow Up the Right Way

The Introduction

Introductions are a time to slow the deal down and keep the call moving in the right direction. However, a lot of sales professionals will make it far too easy for customers to get them off the phone right at the introduction. When following up, you should avoid jumping back into yesterday’s problems or asking questions like:

Salesperson: "Hey, have you bought a car yet?"
Customer: "We're not in the market anymore. Bye"
Salesperson: “Are you still interested in that XYZ car?”
Customer: “No, goodbye.”

Situations like this in the introduction make it far too easy for the customer to give a simple answer and end the call. Rather, it’s better to keep things on a good note. Thank the customer and show appreciation:

"Hi buyer, it's Kyle from the dealership. Thank you for taking my call! I really appreciate it."
“Hi buyer, it’s Kyle from the dealership. Thank for picking out that ABC car on XYZ lead source. What a great choice!”

The Pause

The start of a call determines how well the rest of the deal will proceed. So, bringing up objections or other problem topics will only complicate things. Instead of delving into issues over the phone, just thank the buyer and pause! This allows the buyer a chance to speak and slows the deal down. The pause is a subtle way of finding out if a customer has an issue with anything! If there is an issue, it should come from them.

Auto Sales Follow Up Introduction Examples

First Response Internet Call:
“Hi , I appreciate you taking my call. 
This is  from .
I wanted to call to say thank you for going to  
and checking out that . What a great choice!”
Third-Party Follow Up Call:
"Hi ! Thank you for taking my call.
This is  from .
I call everybody that works with our sales department. I just want to say thank you and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you working with us.”

Unsold Showroom Traffic Call:
"Hi , it’s great to talk to you again!
This is  from the .
I wanted to call to say thank you for visiting us.
We really appreciate you taking the time to come in.”

Set Goals in Auto Sales Follow Up

Do you have laser-focused intent behind every call you make at the dealership? It's a simple enough idea, but knowing the why behind every call you make can be tougher than it sounds. Yet, making this commitment will make you far more successful on the phone in car sales follow up!
Auto Sales Follow Up Training

Always Ask for the Appointment

Sales Professionals would never let a customer leave the dealership without asking them to purchase a vehicle. Yet, they fail to ask for the appointment over the phone on various occasions. Regardless what you think of the buyer's commitment, always ask for the appointment! You never know who will actually set the appointment, but failing to ask will mean no appointment 100% of the time.

Auto Sales Follow Up is More Than Just a Phone

When following up with modern prospects, it would be great if one phone call was all it took to set the appointment and ensure they show up. However, this isn’t usually the case. In today’s competitive marketplace, consumers have a lot of choices. So, it’s up to you to break through and engage them, and the reality is that the way to break through is different for each person. So, it’s important to send auto sales follow up through multiple sources including email, text, videos, and even social media! Even in cases where you got the buyer on the phone and set the appointment, you should continue to follow up with them through alternative sources. It’s a proven way to stay fresh in the customer’s mind and increase your show ratio!

Auto Sales Follow Up Fail

There’s only one way to truly fail in auto sales follow up – and that’s to just give up. Even in situations where it seems like you won’t get an appointment, you should be setting the deal up so you can get it in the future. Find out what is holding the customer back from coming down to the dealership. Then, speak with your sales manager about what they said and what you can do to bring them in. Unfortunately, some appointments just don’t get set. Yet, when you’re always working on the next angle to get the appointment, you will experience a lot more success!


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  • Provide Solutions: Focus on solving the customer's problems and fulfilling their needs rather than pushing for a sale. Offer tailored recommendations that align with their preferences, budget, and lifestyle.

  • Build Rapport: Establish a genuine connection with your customers. Show interest in their stories, engage in friendly conversations, and find common ground.

  • Product Knowledge: Gain in-depth knowledge about the cars you are selling. Understand their features, benefits, and specifications.

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